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Saint John is Canada’s oldest established city so it is steeped in amazing history and architecture. There was a major fire here in 1878 and architects were brought from all over the world to rebuild Saint John and you can see that in all varied style of buildings. So right from the start is a very interesting city just to walk around in.

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City Market is Canada’s oldest running indoor market. It isn’t a large market but the building itself worth seeing – be sure to look at the ceiling as it is in the shape of an upside down ship’s keel.

We also have Canada’s oldest museum and free library as well as Barbour’s General Store – which is the best place to discover the different and exciting tours we offer.

We have our own mini European opera house called the Imperial Theatre which is well worth a visit, especially in the summer when college students give you its fascinating history as they guide you to all the different and beautiful rooms.

The Jewish Museum/Synagogue was built in the late 1800’s as a wedding gift and took over 7 years to finish – the staircase alone is worth seeing.

The Loyalist House – one of Canada’s oldest buildings which takes you back to the days of the Loyalists.


Anywhere from 10-30 minutes of driving distance we have many beautiful parks and beaches. Very close to the city is Rookwood Park with several different lakes and trails.

The world famous Reversing Repids where the Saint John Rover and the Bay of Fundy join together so fresh water meets salt water and it flows backwards.

A bit further out is Irving Nature Park in all its pristine natural beauty with many different hiking trails and bbq pits.

About an hour’s drive there is Mispec Park in one direction and New River Beach in the other direction.

Right in the city we have Queen’s Park which has a farmer’s market every Sunday morning in the summer, King’s Square and the Loyalist Grounds – dating back to the 1700’s (we actually have some very unique cemeteries if you are into that sort of thing).


July and August offers much in the way of entertainment in Saint John.

We have several different festivals – Buskers (July), Area 506 (August 2nd – 4th), Oyster Festival (September 28).

We also have nightlymusic throughout the week – so we have much to offer you to keep you entertained.

We also have MANY delectable restaurants which we are more than happy to discuss with you when you register.

In And Around Saint John

As much as we love Saint John and think it offers you much to see and do, we do not have far to go to enjoy even more wonders to nature. If possible we do recommend at least a 2 day visit to Saint John so you can fit in these day trips – as we would hate to have you miss out on anything.

Saint Andrew’s & St. Stephen’s

About an hour from Saint John going towards Maine there is the relaxing seaside village of Saint Andrew’s By the Sea – 2 years ago it was voted Canada’s top tourist destination.
As soon as you get out of your car you feel this instant sense of all your stress leaving your body and you are so glad you stopped here.
You can walk around the pier, visit the quaint boutique shops and museums, and/or delight yourself in Kingsbrae Gardens which offers both floral gardens as well as a statue garden.
This is also the best place to book your whale watching tour.
About 20 minutes from St. Andrew’s is the border town of St. Stephen’s famously known for it’s chocolate as the Ganong family have been making chocolates here since the 1800’s. They have the most fascinating museum with history of chocolate and chocolate boxes, hands on features as well as black and white videos of the early chocolate making and you get to make your own chocolate as well.


The capital of New Brunswick is a beautiful city about an hour from Saint John.

With its manicured lawns and streets, the beautiful university, walking trails and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery – well worth a visit.

St. Martin’s

A little less than an hour from Saint John towards Halifax is St. Martin’s and the Fundy Trail. This is a nature loving town as it has little to no retail but a delightful village with beautiful beach where tides go out for kilometers/miles. There are the thousands of year old caves to walk in at low tide and just a bit up is the Fundy Trail – a beautiful scenic drive with lookout points – waterfall, suspension bridge, interpretive centre and different levels of hiking along the Salmon River.

Hopewell Rocks/Fundy Park

About 2 hours away from us past St. Martin’s is Alma, Hopewell Rocks and the Fundy Park. Waterfalls, hiking trails, beaches, lighthouse at Cape Enrage – and the Rocks – called flower pot rocks because they look like flower growing out of pots. You can kayak at high tide then walk around the same area at low time.
Alma also offers several specialty food shops and restaurants, including Kelly’s bakery with the famous sticky buns.

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